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The Importance of Health Insurance:

The importance of health insurance covers those unpredictable moments in life. It is the guarantee of being seen when ill and to have that medical treatment on a pay scale based on coverage.

It is especially important for our children. Children need those "well-child visits" to prevent illnesses by getting immunized as recommended and at the ages recommended. Without insurance you find that kids lack the care they need and therefore illnesss occur and costs the system more.

In an article written by Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation he stated that 46 million people in the U.S. lack health care benefits either because their employer do not offer it or employees can not afford it. This is a major concern because when uninsured, you receive less medical care and less timely care and these seem to be the people that experience the worse health problems. Although insurance can be expensive it can cause a bigger burden not having insurance when serious injuries occur.

Investing in insurance means investing in your quality of life. Having insurance can pay for preventive treatments to treating illnesses. According to, using government assisted programs can prove to have limitations verses health care coverage you have invested in. An example of this is a young boy riding his bicycle and gets hit by a car, now is he quadriplegic. Government assisted insurance while it may cover a great deal of the medical expenses does not cover the extensive therapy that is needed to make him somewhat whole again. This can be frustrating as well as a disgrace because therapy is an important part of recovering from major accidents. Whereas had he had regular insurance he would have had a better chance at therapy and supplies needed to help during his time of recovery.

While there are many views on the "importance of health insurance" there is still the notion that coverage in some form or fashion is extremely important. Taking road trips, children in school, working dangerous jobs, construction work, etc. you want to have some form of insurance because at anytime something can go wrong. Not having these jobs or the care of children in school, an accident can still happen at the blink of an eye so it is very important to be covered or you will find that the burden will only grow deeper and deeper when it is time to pay back for the care received.

Think of how automobile insurance is required in each state. Personally speaking in some cases it is a rip off (the excessive premiums) but it is an investment in your purchase. If someone steals your car or you wreck it you want a new one right away. The best way to acquire a new one or at least get the old one fix is by having the right insurance on your car. The same goes for health insurance. Do your research, figure out what is best for you and your family and make wise decisions. Nothing stays the same forever so if you have good health now that does not mean something will not go wrong. You want to be covered when it does. Preventive care helps and it may prolong the need for insurance but there is nothing better than knowing you are fully protected.